5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom – No Demolition Required!

If you want to make over your bathroom, but don’t want to undertake a full renovation, here are five things to do to make it look almost like new.

1. Paint. Go classic with white, create a spa retreat with soothing blues or energize your space with orange or yellow tones. Look online or through decor magazines for a surge of inspiration.

2. Lighting. See yourself in the most flattering light with new light fixtures. New lighting is an easy way to update and modernize a space without gutting it. Just be sure to hire a professional if your plans involve any rewiring.

3. Fixtures. As with lighting, new faucets add style to your space with minimal effort. Although silver-toned faucets are the finish of choice among homeowners, brushed nickel and polished chrome are also popular choices.

4. Window treatments. Tie the look of the room together with blinds, shades or curtains or a combinations of these options. Choose bold colors to add a pop of color to the room or keep it neutral. Whatever you choose, make sure that it complements the overall theme or style of the room.

5. Accessories. Add style and function with new accessories. If you’d like more storage, add a wall cabinet or storage tower, or repurpose an unused storage unit from around the home. Install a new mirror or towel rack to enhance the look of the room. Buy new rugs to complement the new color scheme, and add color or texture with vases, wall decor or similar items.

Creative Ideas to Repurpose an Old Door

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Fast Fixes for Household Sounds

How many times have you been in your house and heard a noise that you can’t identify? Here are four of the most common household noises, and how to fix them.

Knocking in the wall

What it is:

The loud knocking you hear in the walls is often one of two things:

1. A water pipe that isn’t securely attached to the wood stud in the wall so that when the wood expands, the pipe rubs against it and makes a noise.

2. The pressure from turning the faucet on and off is causing the pipe to vibrate.

Both problems are common in older homes, and are easily remedied.

What to do: Call a professional to secure the pipe or install a sleeve over it.

Creaking floors and stairs

What it is:

Wooden floor planks can loosen over time. The creaking sound is either the wood rubbing against the nail or the boards rubbing against one another.

What to do.

Put oil between the boards or tighten the boards with nails or glue.

Gurgling or flushing toilet

What is it:

If your toilet mysteriously flushes or it sounds like it has indigestion, you could have a worn-out toilet valve or a backup in your sewer line.

What to do:

To check for a leak, put a drop of food coloring in the water tank and see if the water in the bowl changes color. If it does, check the seal of the flapper valve in the tank and replace it if necessary. However, if you suspect a sewer backup, it’s best to call a plumber to tackle the job.

Scratching in the ceiling or walls

What it is.

Just as you enjoy the warm and cozy comfort of your home in the winter, rodents do as well, If you hear loud scratching or the sound of scurrying little feet, you may have small furry visitors.

What to do:

Call a pest control specialist to evict your unwanted guests.

How Do Potential Home Buyers Frustrate Sellers?

The on-air interview

Mike Murillo and I had another fun on-air-interview at WTOP News this past Sunday. We discussed an online list he found published that talked about ways that buyers “annoy” sellers during the purchase process. Personally I did not find the list to be “annoying” but certainly understood how these actions could be “frustrating” for some. With a light hearted attitude we reflected on the topic. You can listen to the live interview in it’s entirety by clicking on the WTOP logo at left.

Life is Better at the Beach!

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Information Buyers Crave but Sellers Tend to Leave Out of Listings

The on-air interview

I had fun with Mike Murillo, news anchor, at WTOP while live on the air discussing a less serious topic than normal. This week we talked about information that is often not included in a listing that buyers crave. What can sellers add to the listing information to draw more buyers in? You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety by clicking on the WTOP log at left.

7 Great Benefits of a New Home

Low housing inventory in many areas of the country is causing many buyers to turn their attention to new homes in growing housing developments. Here are some of the benefits of buying a new home.

1. The home is tailored to your specifications. Not only can you customize the paint color and flooring, you may also be able to work with the developer to choose layout of the home that will maximize its flow to fit your needs.

2. You can focus on decorating the home to reflect your style instead of spending days repainting, updating appliances and installing new flooring.

3. Warranty. Most home builders include warranty to take care of any repair work that might become necessary in the first year.

4. New homes are smart; features include hard-wired smoke detectors, and can accommodate structured wiring, security systems and your electronics as well as green appliances.

5. Building codes require increased energy efficiency and tighter-sealed building envelope to keep your home cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.

6. You’re part of a growing community. Many subdivisions offer amenities that encourage neighbors to connect with one another, from common areas to organized block parties.

7. You may be able to get a better deal. Home building companies may be more open to negotiating a deal, and may offer other perks if the home is financed through their own mortgage company.


Thought I’d share this great article I read from Realty Times.

One of the biggest reasons that people buy homes instead of continuing to rent is to have more space.

But the cost of buying with little money down or to move up to a better neighborhood could mean a compromise on space.

Many older homes, particularly those built before the 1990s, average less square footage than newer homes. One way homeowners get more space is by converting the garage.

The average garage is approximately 20 by 20 feet. Converting it gives you approximately 400 more square feet of living area.

The location of the garage is ideal. It’s already under the roof and walled on three sides, making it relatively inexpensive to remodel as a den or a guest suite.

And that’s where your plans can go wrong.

Unless you remodel the garage from the outside, it will always look like a conversion. The driveway will lead to,,, a wall, so it will have to be remodeled, too.

You’ll have problems on the interior, too. The floor will be lower than the rest of the house because it’s a concrete slab. It isn’t insulated like the rest of the house, so there will be a noticeable difference in sound absorption and temperature.

Where you’ll encounter the most difficulty is in determining your home’s value. When you purchased the home, you paid so much per square foot. Only living space is counted, which doesn’t include the garage, porch or patio, even if they are under the roof.

You’ll get more living space for less per square foot, but when it comes time to sell your converted home, get ready for mixed reactions from buyers. Many will refuse to even look at your home. They want the security, storage, and utility of a garage.

Others will consider your home but they will punish the lack of a garage with a low offer. Some will refuse to count the square footage of the garage as equal to the rest of the house. Others will deduct the cost of reconversion or building a new garage in their offer.

No matter how you count it, square footage added at the cost of a garage isn’t worth it.

Read Full Article: RealtyTimes

Rooftop Pool

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This Week’s Featured Listing – Classic Bungalow in the Heart of Chevy Chase DC

I’ll be holding it open this Sunday, June 29, 2014 from 1-4 pm.

To view full photo gallery of this home click on the image below:

3232 McKinley St NW Washington, DC 20015

Sun-drenched classic Chevy Chase Bungalow features five bedrooms, three full baths on three levels. With a gorgeous pebble grit stucco exterior and inviting front porch this home beckons you into a “larger than it appears from the outside” interior full of versatile spaces, high ceilings, hardwood floors and character. The gourmet kitchen/family room addition/renovation is the centerpiece of this lovely home, opening up to the back deck which overlooks a fenced in back yard. Acclaimed Lafayette Elementary School and Broad Branch Market are just two blocks away. With easy access to Metro and Metro bus this home is a commuter’s dream. Whether entertaining indoors and out, sitting on the front porch watching the neighbors walk by or just strolling through this gorgeous neighborhood one will quickly come to appreciate the conveniences and amenities this home and locale have to offer.